Our Consultants conduct a study of the existing procedures followed during the Software development Life Cycle at the client’s site & define standard documents to be followed throughout the Software application process.


As a leader in Internet technologies and using a proven methodology, Anidab has built, renewed, and fortified numerous E-business solutions for mid-tier and Fortune 1000 companies. Supply chain management Leveraging partnerships and cross-industry best practices, Anidab supply chain solutions can help drive IT costs out of your enterprise

Data warehousing / Business Intelligence

Integrate key business processes
Manage value-chain across extended enterprises
Enable collaboration among different organizations
Deploy best-in-class solutions for critical business needs
Improve operational efficiency
Improve information flow & access
Enable interoperability between heterogeneous applications and Reduce costs
Enterprise Application Integration

Enterprise Application Development:

Human Resource Management
Customer Relationship Management
Supply Chain Management
Enterprise Resource Planning
Enterprise Application Integration
Enterprise Information System
E-Business Solutions
Enterprise Content Management

Combining expertise in building transactional systems and integrating with ERP and legacy systems with expertise in EAI tools and business analysis capability, Anidab can help drive an EAI effort from strategy to implementation. Every business partnership enhances not only the joint ability to deliver solutions but also widens the scope of service offerings. Thereby maximizing business value and return on investment for customers and partners alike.


1. Customer Retention : Increase retention by meeting the growing customer demands to leverage offshore delivery capabilities.

2. Revenue Enhancement : Access to a wider portfolio of services to offer to existing as well as new clients to increase the revenue stream.

3. Delivery Scalability : Scale up your capabilities to deliver in the global environment by partnering with a well established player, facilitating the ability to ramp-up quickly.

4. Matured Processes : Leverage the rich experience of a highly developed IT industry and expertise of a global player that has matured its framework and processes for over 12 years.

5. Access to New Markets : Explore new opportunities in an emerging industry full with a tremendous potential to grow.

6. Revenue : Drive new sales deals and increase revenue. Gain higher visibility in the marketplace with customers.

7. Customer satisfaction : Get access to software for developing, testing, and demonstrations. Create better, more integrated technology that supports and increases the satisfaction of end-users.

8. Growth prospects : Compound growth mutually, by exploring new opportunities in the industry.